Life List

This is an updated version of my life list – after feedback from friends. 🙂

A friend and I were talking about our bucket list. I think it’s time I write what’s in mine. I feel that writing things down gets me a step nearer to achieving them. The list will change – this is a life list, after all – but I am determined to get as much done! And to make it more inspiring for me, I’m listing also what I’ve accomplished so far.

Activity Category
1. Join a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. I’ve been planning this for ages and I want to take my Mom with me in this incredible journey. I want to see where Christ walked and get a better understanding of His life on earth. Travel
2. Climb to the top of Machu Picchu. Visitors describe a trip to Machu Picchu as magical. I’d love to experience this myself. Travel
3. See a Pyramid in Egypt. Made by aliens or not, the pyramids are simply among the amazing wonders in the world. Giza, of course, is a target destination but I’m open to seeing other less famous pyramids. Travel
4. Visit all Disneyland Resorts.  I’m a Disney baby so this is A MUST. 🙂 Travel
5. Visit all continents. I know this is going to be tough but why not? Travel
6. Get First Aid certification from Red Cross. I once had an experience in a plane that someone was sick and there was no doctor and no one knew first aid. 😦 I don’t want that to happen again. Health
7. Go skydiving. I want to do this real soon. Adventure
8. Learn to ride a bike efficiently and safely. Sport
9. Learn to play tennis. Sport
10. Go fishing and actually catch a fish. Hehehe Sport
Learn to ski or go snow boarding. I don’t live anywhere near a place that has winter so aiming low here. Sport
11.Learn to dive. Somehow this scares me. Sport
12. Learn to dance something. Haven’t decided yet. Sport, Art
13. Go on a helicopter ride. Adventure
14. Take formal cooking lessons. Food & Cooking
15.  Learn to chop onions without crying. And chop onions faster (like how they do it in TV). Food & Cooking
16.  Publish a recipe (online or in a magazine). Food & Cooking
17. Make homemade pasta. Food & Cooking
18. Make creme brulee. Food & Cooking
19. Serve a Mediterranean theme dinner for friends and/or family. Food & Cooking
20. Bake a cake and give it as a gift for a friend or family. Food & Cooking
21. Pass Japanese proficiency test (JLPT N5, at least). Language
22. Learn to converse in Spanish. Language
23.Learn to say hello, thank you and other basic greetings in 20 languages. Language
24. Write a letter in another language (not English, not Tagalog). Language
25. Learn to play Canon in D (keyboards/piano). Music
26. Learn to whistle. Music
27. Get an autograph of a famous singer. Music
28. Watch a play in Broadway. Music, Art
29. Go on volunteer vacation. Travel
30. Write a book.
31. Design a dress and sew it. Arts, Craft
32. Make a board game. Arts, Craft
33. Paint something. Arts, Craft
34. Have my own restaurant or bakeshop business. Business
35. Travel by myself to another country. Travel
36. Watch a movie by myself.
37. Have a tree house.
38. Sculpt something.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

What I’ve done so far: 🙂

Activity Category
Asian places of interest/cities I’ve been to:

  • Bangkok, Thailand (shopping, yummy pad thai, temples, shopping)
  • Angkor Wat, Cambodia (UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Angkor Wat temples)
  • Puerto Princesa, Philippines  (UNESCO World Heritage Site – Underground River, beach, delicious sea food, friendly people)
  • Bohol, Philippines (Chocolate Hills, Tarsier)
  • Boracay, Philippines (white sand paradise)
  • Vigan, Philippines (UNESCO World Heritage Site  – preserved Spanish town)
  • Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (shopping, Mekong River, war memorials)
  • Hongkong (shopping, skyscrapers, DisneyLand, temples, Madame Tussaud’s)
  • Macau (The Venetian, House of Dancing Waters, casino, UNESCO World Heritage Sites – preserved Portuguese colony, Portuguese egg tarts, beef jerky)
  • Bali, Indonesia (beach, beautiful sunset, water sports and other activities)
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Petronas Tower, bird park, food, shopping)
  • Malacca, Malaysia (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Genting, Malaysia (casino, theme park)
  • Tokyo, Japan (food, anime, fashion, DisneyLand and DisneySea, Daiso, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, cool culture)
  • Osaka, Japan (takoyaki, okonomiyaki more food, Osaka Castle, cherry blossoms, Universal Studios Japan)
  • Nikko, Japan (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Kyoto, Japan (UNESCO World Heritage Sites, temples, castles, ryokan, food)
  • Taipei, Taiwan (Taipei 101, shopping, delicious street food, cool culture, temples, castles)
  • Seoul, Korea (beautiful people, fashion, temples, castles, K-pop and K-drama, UNESCO World Heritage sites)
  • Singapore (my home :), Singapore Flyer, Sentosa, Universal Studio, parks, food)
European places of interest/cities I’ve been to:

  • Paris, France (Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Louvre, food and wine, and… DisneyLand!)
  • Versailles, France (Hall of Mirrors)
  • Rome, Italy (Colosseum, ruins, Fontana di Trevi, Vatican, Spanish steps, go to the places in the Da Vinci code book)
  • Venice, Italy (St, Mark’s Square, palaces, museums, gondolas, destination wedding 🙂)
  • Verona, Italy (Juliet’s tower)
  • Pisa, Italy (Leaning Tower)
  • Florence, Italy (MichaelAngelo’s David, palaces, museums, eat gelato)
  • Vienna, Austria (palaces, schnitzel, concentration camp)
  • Brussels, Belgium (palaces, mussels, parades)
  • Bruges, Belgium (mouth-watering chocolates being made in front of your eyes)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (Anne Frank House, botel, tulips, Van Gogh, canal)
  • Lisse, Netherlands (Keukenhof – garden of Europe)
  • Koeln, Germany B (Dom Cathedral, kolsch)
White water rafting. This was exhilarating! Definitely something I would want to do again. Sports
Snorkeling. I saw Nemo! Easy to do and enjoyable. Sports
Yoga. My first yoga classes were in Manila, a gift from my officemates. I signed up again in Singapore as I find this a good way to relax and work out. Sports
Sleep in an overnight train. I did this on my own and with friends in Europe. There was one instance that I took the wrong coach – good thing I was not sleeping yet or I’ll be going somewhere else! Travel
Throw a coin at Fontana Di Trevi. I did this twice which means I get to go back to Rome the third time someday. Events
Spend birthday celebration in an orphanage. I organized one birthday party at BATA foundation with Clairol and Chris, two of my close friends who also celebrate their birthdays in August. Definitely something I’d like to do again. Events
Get lost in a country that I don’t speak the local language and survive. I’ve done this practically everywhere. Haha. Travel
Watch a classical musical performance. I watched a quartet performance in Rome. Absolutely lovely. Music
Hot air balloon ride. I’ve always wanted to try this and I did in Cambodia. Good thing that I’m not scared of heights. Events
Try zip-lining. I did this twice – first in Manila then in Singapore. Adventure
Sing Moonlight over Paris while in Paris. Silly goal but I always wanted to do this. Of course, I sang very quietly so I won’t disturb other people. Events
Climb a mountain. My only attempt to climb a mountain was when I went to Sagada. It was a rainy day and really cold. But I made it! I’m still considering if I want to climb another mountain. Hehe Adventure
Experience snow! My first experience of snow was in Germany with Jerome while walking home. It was not heavy snow and we laughed about how fast the snow went away. The next one was in Seoul – which was too much! I had fever on Christmas day. Hahaha. But it was still fun. Events

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