2015: April Showers

April is synonymous to vacation in my dictionary. But this year I’m stuck in Singapore – and at home most of the time because of the unpredictable weather. However, while part of me yearns to see new places, I am not too disappointed. I know I’ll be able to travel some other time. Plus, I’m really enjoying my violin and Mandarin lessons – I don’t want to skip!

So what’s new?

Well, I started programming again this month. It’s painfully slow but I’ll get there. I realized though that I don’t have the same passion I had before. We will see how it’ll work out.

I also enrolled myself in some free online courses. I love learning something new and I won’t say no to free, useful stuff. ^_^ (Not all free are created equal)

And… I finally volunteered again. I have free time and I can’t think of a better way to utilize it than helping others.

April started and ended with heavy showers. But I’d like to think that these are showers of blessings. Every experience – big and small – serves to remind me that there are a lot to be thankful for.


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