2015: 1…2…3… March

In my home country, March is a sunny month. Classes are about to end and summer is just about to start. I am reminded of long walks under the trees, with the rays of the sun streaming through the branches. Friends and family gather on weekends for “fiestas”. And I dream of summer vacation and new places to visit.

For the rest of the world, March is a month of celebrations! It’s National Craft Month, National Frozen Food Month, National Nutrition Month (seems to somehow contradict frozen food, haha!), National Peanut Month, Social Worker’s Month, etc. Plus it’s the month wherein we celebrate International Women’s Day (Mar 8) and St. Patrick’s Day (Mar 17). Overall, it’s an exciting month and I can’t wait to fill my days with projects and events.

IMG_5283Finally got the chance to try out this Japanese restaurant in Plaza Singapura. It used to have quite a long queue but maybe because of the time (or maybe because it’s not new anymore?), I didn’t have to fall in line at all!What I like: Free (seriously) appetizer buffet if you buy any of their bento main dishes  for quite a reasonable price.  The dishes I’ve tried were pretty good and I’d love to eat here again.
IMG_5281Bibimbap is one of my favorite Korean dishes. It’s easy to prepare and healthy (plus it’s a way to convince my housemates to eat their veggies *sneaky look*). Anyway, I’m going to save this recipe so I can cook it again.My first sewing project for March is a skirt! I don’t have a lot of skirts and it seems in fashion right now. So I bought some garter last Sunday, googled for a tutorial and made this simple skirt. I like it a lot and wore it 2 days after.
IMG_5280It should be obvious by now that I like, no, love, Japanese food. I tried making a new recipe – Stir Fried Pork Japanese style. It’s easy and fast and uses simple ingredients. I served it with Japanese rice. And I also made some sushi rolls as appetizers. Yum, yum, yum!
IMG_5279I’ve been fighting my toothache for a month but it seems getting worse everyday so I decided to go to the dentist. Waaah! He told me I need to go for a root canal. It’s very pricy so I said I’ll think about it first.To comfort myself, I tried a new restaurant – So Pho – in Tampines Mall. They serve really good Vietnamese noodles!!! It’s definitely added to my favorite rests.What I like: Authentic-tasting pho and ambience.
IMG_5314“Geisha” – my first sketching project this March. I realized that I have little patience with shading so I’ll have to try harder. I will transfer this to a canvas later on. I really like painting more. Hihi.
IMG_5294It’s a happy friday for me! One of my friends (and housemate) is back! And he told me sold 2 of my paintings. Wow! Now that was truly unexpected.I’ve decided to make today a Hungarian Theme night with three recipes to try – ghoulish, leek soup (from ifood.tv) and palacsinta (crepe).And to end the day, I finished another skirt 🙂 Can’t wait to wear it!
IMG_5328-0Yay! I’m finally in a violin class! Mar 7 was the first day of classes in Yamaha Music School and I was very excited.What I liked: The teacher was very patient and encouraging. All the students are adults (20+) so I expect we’re all mature and really committed to learn. 🙂
IMG_5367Happy International Women’s Day! I dropped by Hong Lim Park to check “All Fired Up”, a festival organized by AWARE (Association of Women for Action and Research). It was every interesting to see women (and men) of different ages, races and religion share their stories, hopes and struggles.
 IMG_5435Ni hao! It’s day 1 of my mandarin class!I’ve always wanted to learn mandarin and I’m finally enrolled with my friends. I know it’s not easy but I’m hoping to at least be able to have simple conversation with others – eventually.
IMG_5602Sometimes I want to quit on watercolor. Acrylic treats me much better. But of course I have to push myself. This experiment is called “Coy Kois.” Haha
 IMG_5601Just because it’s “Eat Your Noodles” Day
IMG_5603Last week, I was addicted to making skirts. This week, I’ve started making some blouses to match them!The first blouse I made was just a simple chiffon square top based on a tutorial from Cotton and Curls. My fabric was too thin so I have to wear a tank top under.The following day, I made another square top but added a lining. I like that one better. 🙂
IMG_5487Monna is heeeeeere! I’m really glad to have one of my dearest friends visit this weekend. And lucky for me, she was fine with watching Cinderella  (I can’t drag the boys to watch it with me).What I like: Frozen Fever (so funny!) + the message of have courage and be kind makes it a good movie for kids + Cinderella’ glass shoes (hahaha!)

And oh yeah – March 14 is Pi day (3.14)! So I made Apple Pie Crumble 🙂

IMG_5600Singapore holds an annual parade to celebrate St. Patrick’s day and the ties between Ireland and Singapore. This year, the opening parade was held last Sunday at Boat Quay. It was the first time for me to attend the event and it was really fun!
IMG_5599Monna wanted to see Fort Canning so we went for a stroll. But we decided to cut it short because it was too humid. We ended up trying Pancake House of Tokio at Cathay Cineleisure.What I like: Nice decors, tasty waffles, reasonable price.Oh and it’s Day 2 of my mandarin class! Now if I can only remember those numbers – yi, er, san…
IMG_5598It’s St. Patrick’s Day! For today’s dinner, I made Irish beef stew with Guinness beer, cabbage and bacon colcannon and Guinness beer-spiced chocolate cupcakes. Conversation led to Irish actors and I ended up playing some Irish bands. Fun night!
IMG_5677Oh my head! Migraine, go away!So yeah, I consider migraine as the culprit on why the only thing I did today is try a cabbage and apple stir fry recipe. It’s not so bad but not my favorite. But at least it’s healthy!
 IMG_5676I have tons of fabrics lying around and I wanted to try something different. I ended up making fabric flowers. It’s quite easy, you only need a long piece of fabric (or ribbon), scissors, needle, thread, glue gun and a lighter. Just need to be careful with the lighter!
 Baked churros with chocolate maple syrup – yummy! I love this recipe.IMG_5675
 IMG_5673One of the best ways to start your weekend – eat a great breakfast! This recipe – Choco Banana Bliss – is now one of my favorites. Waffle topped with chocolate maple syrup, grated dark chocolate and sliced banana – perfect!The rest of my Saturday was also pretty awesome. It was the second day of violin lessons and I had so much fun!
 IMG_5672I bought a jersey fabric yesterday. I think it’s quite pricy for $13/yard but I loved the texture and design. I made my first simple sheath dress with it using the pattern from Cotton and Curls.
 March 23 is Day 3 of my Mandarin course. I learned a lot of new words – máng (busy), kuài (fast or dollar), shuài gē (handsome guy) etc. I was also taught how to say the date. Apparently, the Chinese start with the year, followed by the month and day.
IMG_5843It’s always good to be back in Manila!I sent a text to my friends as soon as I landed. I met up with Rose in McKinley and we went to Kuya’s at the Fort, a hole-in-the-wall restaurant at Bayani Road, Taguig.  The place gives a homey vibe and serves local, Spanish and other Asian dishes. I ordered Arroz ala Cubana which I really liked. Too bad it was getting late so I did not get to try their other dishes. 
IMG_5842Fun, fun day!I started my day hanging out with Rose (woke up before 7!) I always enjoy spending time with her – she’s full of ideas and energy! I ended up getting her measurements for some sewing projects. Now that’s really exciting!I met up with Yanx for breakfast around 9am. I gave her my gifts – a small panda bear (because her surname means bear), a birthday card (which lucky for me says all I wanted to say) and a weird chocolate which she likes.

After breakfast, I met up with my sister and Kirsten for lunch and afternoon bonding. We watched Cinderella (kinda boring the second time but oh well), went to the playground and toy store and ate ice cream. Then we went home and said hello to baby Ellie.

IMG_5840Babysitting day!I brought home some Frozen theme Kinder Surprise eggs for the kids and they absolutely loved them. Well, except for Ellie. She’s too young for chocolates (not really but her mom will kill me). Ellie instead got baby bites :)We spent most of the day hanging out in my room. We made a castle (puzzle) and the girls played with it.

In the evening, I met up with some friends to go to the wake of a friend. Well, he was more of my dad’s friend (he’s 60+) but I’ve worked with this guy before and really admire him.

IMG_5839The real reason I’m back home is for my dad’s 1st death anniversary. Filipinos call this event “sarang-luksa” or “babang-luksa”, the end of the mourning period.Sometimes I still get teary eyed when thinking of my dad. I miss him and I wish I still can see him. But life moves on and at least I have wonderful memories of him. 🙂
IMG_5809It’s day 3 of my violin lesson! We were taught a simple song and tried the duet version. It was not easy but definitely fun.After class, I had late lunch at Hoshino Coffee in Plaza Singapura. I ordered demi glazed omurice (yum) and vanilla soufflé with match sauce (yum yum). And yes, I was hungry. The food was good although a little pricy for me.
IMG_5838LKY was buried on this day. I spent almost my entire afternoon watching his funeral procession. He was a great man and I am inspired by his life.Dinner was great – we went to Seoul Garden at NEX. I am not good with buffets but my friends wanted to eat a lot of meat.What I like: many food choices

What I don’t like: price

 March 30 is day 4 of our Mandarin course. I got a headache trying to remember all the new words (info overload!) But at least I remember “péng you” which means friend.
 IMG_5870To end the month, I made cinnamon rolls and stuffed peppers! 🙂 I’ll have to write the recipe some other time.

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