2015: F is for February

… and festivals

… and food

… and fun!

February is made extra special by two events – Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year!

Here are some of the highlights for this month – my something new, something fun, something interesting list.

IMG_4044 Feb 1: Finally got to watch Cats at the Marina Bay Sands Theater. The entire cast was amazing and I kept singing “Memory” for days after the play.
IMG_4076 Feb 2: I was feeling Thai-ish and decided to google for the recipe of one of my favorite dishes – yummy Eggplant and Minced Pork Stir Fry.
IMG_4099 Feb 3: New recipes for an Irish Night experience at home – Irish soda bread + Irish beef stew + Guinness stout
IMG_4124 Feb 4: Korean Night! (Spicy Chicken Bulgogi + Pajeon)
Feb 5: I made a new dress! It’s asymmetric and in royal blue. No picture yet though.
IMG_4149 Feb 6: Time for another Acrylic painting experiment, This is called The Little Ballerina. Still a little rough.
IMG_4185 Feb 7: I finally got to check out the Singapore version of Harajuku Fashion Parade. We watched Jupiter Ascending after (which I didn’t like much).
IMG_4296 Feb 8: The earlier Mona Lisa shown at the Arts House Singapore is an amazing piece of art. I think it is a lot prettier than the one in Louvre.
IMG_4335 Feb 9: I’m such a beginner in watercolor! Since it’s almost Valentine’s day, I want to practice painting flowers wet on wet technique.
IMG_4369 Feb 10: Tried new recipe – Ebi Chili – for another Japanese home dining experience.
IMG_4396 Feb 11: This acrylic painting of a rose is one of my favorites so far this year.
IMG_4402 Feb 12: I bought a bag of brown rice and thought of this recipe – Curried Brown Rice Pilaf.
IMG_4452 Feb 13: Because it’s almost V-Day! (good excuse for sweets)
IMG_4459 Feb 14: Yes, this is how I spent my V-Day – I attended a Value Investing Seminar. Very informative.
IMG_4489 Feb 15: I love omurice and pikachu so here’s a Pikachu Omurice!
IMG_5213 Feb 16: This is the first time I made pressed flowers from the Valentine bouquet I got.
IMG_4557 Feb 17: Not so happy with this – but I just wanted to practice painting fireworks (coz it’s almost CNY).
IMG_4572 Feb 18: My CNY Theme Dinner consisted of steamed fish fillet with ginger, dried fish fried rice, pork dumplings and poached pear (new recipe).
IMG_4602 Feb 19: This is the second time I visited the River Hongbao Festival (last one was like 5 years ago). I especially enjoyed watching the tightrope show and trying out the local dishes.
 IMG_4748 Feb 20: Sentosa is always alive with events. For CNY, they had lovely decorations and free lion dance and dragon dance performances. Oh and I also got to finally watch Wings of Time show.
IMG_4876 Feb 21: I can’t let CNY pass by without checking out Chinatown. The street light-up is on until Mar 19. While strolling, I also decided to go inside the lovely Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.
IMG_4934 Feb 22: Transformers is celebrating its 30 years and the exhibit was in Singapore until Feb 28. It’s more for kids but I still had fun looking at the robots.
IMG_4995 Feb 23: Time to practice sketching – Self Portrati #2.
IMG_5011 Feb 24: Mamon is a Pinoy spongy bread. I tried a recipe that is similar to Goldilock’s bakeshop and it’s yummy.
 IMG_5026 Feb 25: Another sketching practice, this time of a baby – Ellie #1.
IMG_5051 Feb 26: I just finished watching a Korean drama entitled King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang. One of the things that caught my interest is how the prince in the story paints (similar to Chinese watercolor painting). So I decided to practice a little.
 IMG_5046 Feb 27: One of my successful breads so far – pan de coco! I’m going to save this recipe and make this again.
 IMG_5067 Feb 28: I went to visit the Farmer’s Market at Loewen Gardens to check their products. There was not a lot of stalls but I still went home with a bunch of leek, avocado and spring onions.





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