2015: And January Knocked…

January is named after Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and endings. It’s very fitting for obvious reasons. This is why I’ve always loved January – it’s a month of thanksgiving, of revival, of opportunities, of new dreams.

And to make sure this month is even more memorable for me, I made sure it’s jam-packed with fab activities. Here is my something new, something different or something fun list for January!

IMG_2863 Jan 1: Happy New Year (Disney theme) and my first Watercolor Landscape Painting IMG_2494 Jan 2: Bulacan Food Trip
IMG_2559 Jan 3: A very long (but fun) road trip to Calauag, Quezon IMG_2880 Jan 4: Exploring Tayabas and Lucban, Quezon (Graceland Estates, Kamay ni Hesus, Lucban Church)
IMG_2806 Jan 5: Snack Shack at UP and Dinner Cook-out my lovely friends (Rose, Clai and Tricia) IMG_2828 Jan 6: Lovely tour of Nel’s house with Dani the Explorer and Lunch with dear friends at Uncle Cheffy
IMG_2854 Jan 7: Photobook (finally!) + First time at Sushi Express IMG_2900 Jan 8: Trying out the pho in Nam nam at Plaza Singapore
IMG_2936 Jan 9:  Idea Chest for Tricia IMG_2991 Jan 10: Ela’s Dance Concert (she was amazing) + Orange Apple Jello shots for Austra’s housewarming
IMG_3042 Jan 11: Honey French Toast Recipe (yum!) – and happy birthday, Gary! IMG_3036 Jan 12: Mason Jar is here! Time to make some lemon grass tea
IMG_3061 Jan 13: Woohoo! My very own basketball (yes, this is a big deal for me – it’s my first  ball!) IMG_3065 Jan 14: My DIY planner (about time I finished)
 IMG_3094 Jan 15: I therefore make Thursday as Veggie Night (so I made Veggie Lasagna Recipe) IMG_3106 Jan 16: First time to try Ba ku teh at the popular Song Fa restaurant + Into the Woods movie
IMG_3157 Jan 17: My first investment related seminar by Fund Supermart and the very cool Haw Par Villa IMG_3326 Jan 18: Sculpture Carnival  (Singapore Art Week Event) + Liang Court Exploration
IMG_4035 Jan 19: School mode on – Day 1 of GMAT Review IMG_3523 Jan 20: “I want to be forever young” – Peter Pan at Resorts World Sentosa
IMG_3537 Jan 21: Sunflower Painting in Acrylic IMG_4033 Jan 22: My violin is here! (time to practice Twinkle, twinkle) – and happy birthday, Tin!
IMG_3674 Jan 23: Art After Dark at Gillman Baracks (Singapore Art Week Event) IMG_3717 Jan 24: Art Stage Singapore  (Singapore Art Week Event)
IMG_3866 Jan 25: Artisan Market and Utama’s Cat at the Singapore Art Museum  (Singapore Art Week Event) IMG_4030 Jan 26: Going back to basics – Sphere Blending
IMG_4029 Jan 27: Going back to basics – Sketching Faces and Shading IMG_3941 Jan 28: Watercolor Postcard Experiments
The artwork - an interactive pole - reacts to the dance movement of the performer creating the music as background  Jan 29: Hypermnesia (ArtScience Late) Tokyo Banana Jan 30: Tokyo Banana Experiment
Jan 31: The Immitation Game – Alan Turing’s personality in the movie might be different in how he was in real life but it was still a good movie!

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