Makan Makan at The Sultan (Food Pop-up Fundraising Event)

I first heard about this event from my email subscription to I-S Magazine. It looked interesting so I decided to google more about it. And the more I read about it, the more I wanted to check it out!

Makan Makan at The Sultan, held last Saturday (Dec 6), was a fundraising event curated by Debby Kwong for Home Nursing Foundation. Food is something we love here in Singapore and everyone wins when you get to eat for a good cause. Entrance was $10 (all to be donated to charity) and then we got to try out dishes from local chefs and F&Bs (from $3-$10). Everything we tasted was great. My personal favorites were Keith’s Crackling Roast (yum!) and Arbite’s Japanese-inspired delicacies.

This event is under the 50for50sg movement in Singapore. The goal is to “activate and empower 50 changemakers to raise funds AND awareness for charities in Singapore.” This program is pretty amazing and kudos to Debby for organizing Makan Makan at the Sultan. To find related activities, check 🙂

#somethingnewfordes for Dec 6, 2014.


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