Something New Challenge (Index for December)

Hello December!

2014 seems to fly so fast! I can’t believe the year is about to end soon! Now I need to review my goals for 2014 @_@ I’m pretty sure I haven’t reached my weight loss goal. Waaah! Oh well…

This December will be very busy for me. I have gifts to prepare for, projects to finish and planning to do. It’s definitely an exciting month!

Here’s to another month of new experiences, new learnings, new adventures!

*Planned Activity

Date Description / Link
Dec 1 DIY Santa Placemat
Dec 2 DIY Phone/Card Pouch
Dec 3 Wanderlust – a Mixed Media Painting
Dec 4 Fettuccine Alfredo under 400 Calories
Dec 5 Pillowcase Dress Experiment
Dec 6 Makan Makan at The Sultan
Dec 7 Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay / Tuna Bagoong Pasta
Dec 8 DIY Kiddie Chef Hats
Dec 9 Photobook Submission
Dec 10 DIY Kiddie Aprons
Dec 11 Gua Sha
Dec 12 Bookfest Singapore / MAAD at the Red Dot Design Museum
Dec 13 Donation of Pre-loved Items to Salvation Army
Dec 14 DIY Lip balm / Lipstick Carrier (for your bag or keychain)
Dec 15 DIY Paintbrush Carrier (for the artists on the go)
Dec 16 The Couch’s New Clothes
Dec 17 Easy Homemade Stencils and Derrick the Cat
Dec 18 Cushion from Scraps
Dec 19 DIY Weekly Menu Planner
Dec 20 Universal Studio Singapore Snowy Christmas
Dec 21 Hobbit!
Dec 22 Planning the Planner
Dec 23 DIY Door Pocket
Dec 24 Trying out new recipes for Christmas Dinner and my first Christmas Yule Log Cake
Dec 25 A *free* visit to Singapore Arts Museum
Dec 26 Meet up with Jon ray and Gara at Yabu
Dec 27 Puzzle Mansion in Tagaytay (Guinness Book Record for most number of puzzles)
Dec 28 Breakfast at Sonja’s Garden and Coffee Time at Bag of Beans
Dec 29 My last blood test for 2014!
Dec 30 Fashion designing with the kids
Dec 31 DIY Slappy Cakes for the kids

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