Affordable Art Fair in Singapore

The 5th run of the Affordable Art Fair in Singapore was held last weekend (Nov 20-23). I saw an ad in one of my emails and got interested to check it out last Saturday. I’ve never been to an art fair and I didn’t know what to expect.

Showcasing art works from 108 local and international galleries, Affordable Art Fair was a visual feast. The event displayed everything from paintings of various media to sculpture. The art works were priced between $100 to S$10, 000. Aside from the displays, there were talks and workshops on different topics designed to engage the visitors (adults and kids) on contemporary art.

I had a great time going through each display. I was alternately amazed and shocked (at the prices). As an artist wannabe, this event gave me insights on techniques and trends in the art industry. The next fair is set in April, 2015 and I’m planning to visit again.

This is my #somethingnewfordes for November 22.


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