Ten-Ichi Udon

I’ve always loved eating udon. It reminds me of my visits to Japan. I’m not a fan of hiking for hours but seeing the sites in Japan, even if it means dragging myself out of bed very early in the morning, is always worth it. And then when you’re at your destination, you’ll smell fresh handmade udon… mmmm… it takes all the tiredness, bad knee and all, away. ^_^

I’ve been looking for a good udon place here in Singapore. I saw a newly opened restaurant near my place and went to try it for my #somethingnewfordes for November 21.

Ten-Ichi Udon is featured in one blog as among the top 10 best Japanese restaurants in Singapore for the mid-range price options. They describe it as an udon specialist concept restaurant where you’re the head chef – personalize yours, self-service style. Well, I’m always for customizing your order so this definitely is my kind of restaurant.


  • Get in the queue and order. Start with picking your main dish – type of broth, noodles or rice dish (they have katsu curry, too!)
  • Pick your toppings (tempura, etc.)
  • Get drinks and pay.
  • Add condiments and sauces.
  • Sit and enjoy your meal!
  • Return your tray – it’s clean as you go!

I ordered the original broth with thin noodles. I topped it with 2 giant tempuras – crabstick and shrimp. I enjoyed the broth a lot – it’s perfect for my taste. The tempuras were also good in terms of texture and crunchiness but I’d like the sauce with some mirin sweetness. My friend ordered the beef broth and he loved it. He said the beef was really tender. We also tried the pork tonkatsu broth and it was okay but too milky for us.

The meal price per person is ~$11-16. Not bad for a pretty good udon meal. I’ll definitely visit this place again to get my udon fix. 🙂


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