Strawberry Jello Shots!

I had some friends over last Wednesday and I wanted to make something fun – like jello shots! I googled for a recipe and found this. I experiments with  two flavors: Strawberry Midori and Strawberry Margarita. The margarita is stronger while the midori is fruitier in taste. Next time I’ll try other fruit liquors and maybe just vodka with it.IMG_0428


  • 25-30 strawberries
  • Jello: 3oz Jell-o pack, 1 cup boiling water
  • Midori: 1/2 cup Midori
  • Margarita: 1/2 cup Tequila, 3/8 cup Cointreau (adjust if too strong for you – I know I will next time!)
  • Garnish: sugar and lime


This is my #somethingnewfordes for November 19.


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