Modeling Paste Experiment


IMG_0395I bought modeling paste last weekend. I really do not know how to use it but I remember reading it somewhere while researching on painting techniques. Since I’m in an experimental mood, I figured I’ll find for a use for it somehow.

The brand of the modeling paste I bought is Liquitex and costs S$15. It’s quite thick and heavy when I checked its texture. I googled it and according to the website, its properties are:

  • 100% polymer emulsion that dries more slowly than other modeling pastes to a hard yet flexible surface.  
  • Used to build three-dimensional forms and heavy textures on supports that may be subject to flexing or movement.  
  • Adheres to any non-oily, absorbent surface.  
  • When mixed with acrylic colors will act as a weak tinting white, while increasing thickness and rigidity.  

I was excited to try it and went to ask my friend – youtube – about it. I saw a very interesting 3-part video series about an artist who used it to make a painting with modeling paste, a couple of acrylic colors (yellow, black), a scraper and a pallet knife. He said the technique he used was introduced by Jean Paul Riopelle.

Jean Paul Riopelle (1923-2002) was an internationally-recognized painter and sculptor. He is considered as Canada’s most important modern artist. Much of his work was done in the Abstract Expressionist style and often compared to the works of Jackson Pollock. You can read more on abstract expression here. Personally, my takeaway here is that I have so much to learn about art!

So here’s my output – my #somethingnewfordes for November 18.




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