My First Resin Project (Map Coaster)

I saw a lot of awesome and cool resin projects online. I’ve wanted to try them for quite a while. And since this is my first time, I’ve decided to start small. My project today is a resin coated coaster with a map design.



  • Epoxy Resin and Hardener (I used Enviro Tex Lite)
  • Square wooden plain coasters (I prefer tiles but I could not find cheap ones here)
  • 2 plastic cups and a plastic spoon for measuring and mixing resin
  • Blow torch
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Old tourist maps



  1. Pick out a design and cut them to fit the coaster (I chose one of my favorite places in the world – Kyoto!)
  2. Glue the cut paper to the coaster and let dry.
  3. Measure equal parts of resin and hardener into a cup. Stir for 2 minutes. Transfer the mixture to the other cup to make sure it is properly combined.
  4. Pour the resin mixture on the coaster evenly. Get your blow torch and heat the areas with bubbles. Or you can use a blow dryer to do this. Set aside and let it harden. I saw some tutorials that say you need to wait 24-48 hours. Mine took 12 hours to fully set. Clean up the sides and show it off!


  • Read the instructions of your resin mix to make sure you get it right
  • Do this activity in a well ventilated room. Resin could be poisonous when inhaled.
  • Resin doesn’t stick on clean wrap so I covered my work area with it

IMG_0385 IMG_0388








Now that I’m more confident, time to try more ambitious projects! 🙂

#somethingnewfordes for November 17.


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