DIY Denim Bag


My #somethingnewfordes for November 10 is one of my favorites. I’m a fan of cross body bags and I have two cute ones from Le Sportsac. My problem is that I need something a little bigger so my iPad mini + phone + wallet + passport + compact + pen + etc. can fit. My solution is, of course, to make my own. This one is very simple but can be further customized with pockets and so on.


I found some cute fabric and accessories in DAISO – my favorite $2 shop (or 100 yen if you’re in Japan).


  • denim fabric
  • lining fabric
  • swivel clasp
  • velcro (or zipper if you want to use that)






  1. Cut your denim and lining cloths to 2 long rectangular pieces. I used my iPad mini as guide so the size i made is about 9″x24″. Put the two rectangles together, the outer side facing each other. Sew the 2 long sides and 1 short side. Get the right size of the fabric out, fold the ends inside and sew to close.
  2. Fold the rectangle bag once – one fold should be 10″ while the longer one will be about 12″ or more. Mark the fold as guide. At this point in time, you can sew in the clasp ring for your bag strap. You can also add your velcro (or zipper) and other decorations. Sew the sides and you’ll get a bag with a flap.
  3. Make your strap. Cut the denim fabric – the length depends on how long you want it to be. Mine was 44″x2.5″. Fold once to make one long slim strap, inside out and sew. Once done, pull one end to the other end to get the right side out. Sew the ends with the swivel clasps.
  4. Put the strap on the bag and voila!


IMG_0235 IMG_0239


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