Something New Challenge (Index for November)

I made an index so it’s easier for me to track what I’ve been doing. This challenge is proving harder than what I expected. But it works – I’m moving more! (background music: Dare You to Move by SwitchFoot)

*Planned Activity

Date Description / Link
Nov 1 Balloon Safari
Nov 2 Chocolate Fudge Marble Cake
Nov 3 Stir Fried Tofu and Vegetables
Nov 4 Haiku
Nov 5 The Quinoa Experiment
Nov 6 Day 1 of Manga Drawing Lessons
Nov 7 My First Blouse(s)
Nov 8 Getting Creative with (^a^) Maki-San Japanese Restaurant
Nov 9 Banana Cream Eclair!Pop Art at Studio Haroobee
Nov 10 DIY Denim Bag
Nov 11 Stir Fried Shrimp, Sweet Peas, Bean Sprouts and Mushroom
Nov 12 Casual Denim Dress
Nov 13 Day 2 of Manga Drawing Lessons
Nov 14 Traditional Selfie
Nov 15 Mamma Mia
Nov 16 DIY Christmas Tree for the Book Lovers 
Nov 17 My First Resin Project (Map Coaster)
Nov 18 Modeling Paste Experiment 
Nov 19 Strawberry Jello Shots!
Nov 20 *Day 3 of Manga Drawing Lessons
Nov 21 Ten-Ichi Udon
Nov 22 Affordable Art Fair
Nov 23 Trick Eye Museum
Nov 24 *Playing with Gel Medium
Nov 25 *Christmas Cards
Nov 26 Vegan Chocolate Cake
Nov 27 *Day 4 of Manga Drawing Lessons
Nov 28 *New iPhone!
Nov 29 Santa Run for Wishes 2014
Nov 30 *DIY Finger Puppets

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