Getting Creative at (^a^) Maki-San Japanese Restaurant

I so love Japanese food! But with the gazillion restaurants to choose from, I sometimes find it hard to decide where to go. So I look for differentiators. And that’s why my #somethingnewfordes today is a creative restaurant called Maki-San.

Established in August, 2012, Maki-San is Singapore’s first ever place that allows custom-order sushi and salad. Think of Subway, but this time, you get a maki roll or a salad bowl. And with over 80 ingredients, you can experiment as much as you want.



Ordering is fun! Here are the steps:

  1. Get the order form (sushi or salad).
  2. Pick the size. Sushi prices are $7.90 for 3 fillings and $9.90 for 5. Salads are $7.90 (small), $9.90 (big) and $11.90 (mega).
  3. Select your ingredients (rice, wrap, filling, toppings, sauce and other extras).
  4. Submit your order (cash only) and wait for your number to be called. You can eat at their hip place or get your order for takeaway.


After waiting for maybe five minutes, we got the cute sushi boxes. I was even hesitant to open them. They’re so kawaii! ❤

We ordered two rolls. The first one was kinda traditional. I picked my favorites fillings (tamagoyaki, steamed shrimp and pickled cucumber) and asked for teriyaki sauce. Yummy! No surprises there. The other roll had japapeno, pickled seaweed and shredded chicken, also with teriyaki. And it’s pretty good, too!

I definitely like the idea of customizable sushi. I sometimes make my own at home but I’ve been very conservative in my ingredients. This restaurant gave me ideas for my next sushi party with friends (it’s too much work if only for a few so I need people to come over!) But yeah, if I am back around the area, it’s my top go-to-place for more sushi adventures.


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