My First Blouse(s)

Today marks the 7th day of my #somethingnewfordes. This is a record for me! I’m realizing it’s not that easy to think of new things to learn/do each day. Oh well. I have been neglecting my sewing machine. I do like sewing. A lot. Once I start. I get really addicted and forget about food and books (my other addiction). But I  I haven’t been inspired to do any sewing project lately. Probably because I prefer sewing for other people rather than for myself. And since I haven’t been getting requests from my usually demanding nieces, I have to rack my brains on what to make. I have 2 drawers full of new fabric (mostly for costumes) and 1 basket of old clothes. Since I don’t have anything planned for today, I tried to make my first blouse as an exercise. I ended up making 2 blouses! Project number 1 is to recycle an 16-year old stained skirt into a tank. I cut it from the lines of the stain (about half of the skirt). Then I cut the top edge to remove the original garter and cut the sides halfway. I then proceeded to sew zigzag on the edges. Then I sewed the sides of the top. And tada! New shirt in less than 30 minutes.

I used some new fabric for the other blouse I worked on. I set aside 3/4 yard and cut it crosswise to make two rectangles,  one of them a couple of inches longer than the other. I hemmed the edges and then sewed the shorter sides about halfway. Then I sewed the top ends to make a hole for the head. Since it looked shapeless, I sewed in a garter and closed it up. It’s not too bad – could be better though.


Things I learned:

  • Don’t be trigger-happy when cutting fabric. I actually wanted the second blouse to have vertical stripes but I cut the fabric too soon!
  • If your original idea doesn’t work, don’t be discouraged. You’ll think of something.
  • Practice makes less imperfect. Until you get the hang of it.

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