Day 1 of Manga Drawing Lessons

My housemate has been asking me to draw manga for him for a project. Err… I’m not really a fan of comic books (although I like anime). Plus, I haven’t really done a lot of pencil work. But being the good gullible friend that I am, I said I’ll do it.

Once I started practicing, I knew I was in trouble. I know nothing about manga illustration! Youtube has a lot of lessons and could be a good starting point but I’ve always been better in a real classroom environment. Lucky for me, Groupon gave me the solution – there’s a promo by the Association of Comic Artists (Singapore) a.k.a. ACAS for manga drawing! Yes, sometimes, fate just works in mysterious ways. Or the universe conspires to make things possible. Whatever it is, this is it!


The class I signed up for is for 4 sessions, 1.5 hours per session. The outline said it includes basic construction for face shapes with details, body shapes with details, movements and expressions. Pretty basic but great things start from small beginnings, right? I sent them an email to finalize my schedule for the November run.

I was so excited for Day 1. The class is held at Goodman Center (Mountbatten MRT) and not even my headache problem is gonna stop me. There were maybe 20 students, 15 of which are kids, but who cares? I was there to learn and have fun!

The instructor, Jeremy, explained that the course is going to condense a lot of topics in 4 sessions. Day 1 is about making the basic facial shape and figure. We were given practice worksheets and we drew along as he explained techniques.

IMG_0081IMG_0082We practiced drawing faces several times with some simple guidelines.

  • Draw a circle. Divide circle into quadrants. Divide horizontally by 4. Divide lower hemisphere further into eighths. Divide vertically into 5 segments.
  • Draw the ears first, followed by the jawline and then the skull. Drawing this way helps in making the face proportional.
  • Draw the nose and mouth – there are various techniques to do this.
  • Draw the eyes starting with the upper arch and lower arch. Add eyelashes and the upper eyelid. Draw the brow – this is important in showing your character’s personality. Then draw the eye circles followed by the highlights and the pupil. Again, there are many variations to this.
  • Draw the hair which should be slightly over the head to give volume.

The lesson ended too soon for me and I have some homework to do plus practice, practice, practice! I can’t wait for next session.


This is my #somethingnewfordes for November 6. 🙂


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