The Quinoa Experiment

I’ve been seeing quinoa (keen-wa) in a lot of health and food sites. They say it’s a superfood blah blah. However, for a rice addict like me, it’s too alien so I’ve been ignoring it. Plus it’s kinda expensive. But since I’ve started my “do-something-new” attitude, it’s time to open myself to the unknown.

Quinoa is a wheat-free alternative to starchy grains. It’s been around since the time of the Inca Empire (see – it’s alien?!) and was considered “mother of all grains.” In the last few years, it became a trendy gluten-free alternative to grains. It’s a source of protein, iron and fiber.


I used a recipe from to make Mediterranean Quinoa Salad. I cut the recipe by half since I’m not sure on the kind of response I’ll get from the boys (my housemates).

So what happened? Following the recipe, I boiled the quinoa with the chicken broth. I covered it and let it cook in medium heat for 30 minutes. When I checked it, it’s undercooked but some parts are burnt. Boohoo! I checked the back of the quinoa package and repeated the process. This time, I made sure to rinse the grains very well (not in the recipe), made sure the cover does not allow steam to go out and cooked the quinoa in low heat for about 20 minutes. Success! I mixed in the other ingredients and served warm.


Verdict: We love it! The recipe I pick is perfect for introduction to quinoa. It’s flavorful and filling. I’ll definitely make this again.

And there goes my quinoa experiment. This is my #somethingnewfordes for November 5.


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