Egypt Funny Anecdotes

Here are some goofy moments of our trip to Egypt 🙂


On our way to Doha:
Pilot: Cabin crew, please prepare for landing… errr, for take-off. <No wonder we got delayed :)>


While walking along Pyramid Road:
Two Egyptian boys on a motorcycle: Welcome to Japan! <Oh… I was trying so hard to blend in>


While getting new SIM cards at Vodafone:
Allen: Why is the number I am calling is busy? <Des laughs>
Vodafone Agent: Did you dial your number? <More laughter>


On our way to the Pyramids of Giza:
Tour guide: Please don’t panic when I start hitting people with the car.
Allen: Huh? <Starts panicking>


Tour guide: To cross the street, close your eyes and follow me when I say run.


At Library of Alexandra:
Tour guide: Des, Des – where are you?
Allen: I told you – we shouldn’t have brought her to a library.


At another Vodafone store:
Vodafone agent: Are you from South Africa? <Is this guy serious?!>



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