52. name 5 things you’ll always like about you

Time to feel good – hahaha! Here are five (5) things I’ve always like about me:

1. Being able to laugh at myself – despite all problems, failures or embarrassing situations I get into. I laugh through my tears, through pain, through failures. Laughter, after all, is the best medicine. To be honest, I was not always like this – I used to take myself too seriously before.  Good thing that I changed!

2. Resourcefulness. I recognize I do not know a lot and I cannot do a lot of things. But that only means I need to look for answers and options elsewhere. I’m pretty proud of my google searching prowess. Hahaha.

3. A hand that is willing to give and reach out. I care for people – and giving is one of my love languages. I  do really make an effort to give – in small or big ways – to the people I love and even to strangers. I like giving anonymously – and sometimes beyond my means, knowing God will provide what I need.

4. Love for family. God has been very generous with me in providing me a wonderful family. And He has cultivated our love for each other throughout the years. I like it that I love them so much and that I’m willing to do anything for them.

5. Acceptance that I am soooo imperfect and my willingness to improve. I ate my pride years ago (although it is sometimes popping its ugly head). And since I did this, I’ve recognized a lot of my faults and mistakes – and learned from them. I still make a lot of mistakes – a lot, a lot, a lot! – but I stand up every time I fall and evaluate how I can be better.

Wow – writing this was tough! I do know I am far from perfect and it’s easier to see what I do not want about myself than what I like about me. But this has been a good exercise for me – made me appreciate myself a little better!


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