A Day of Errors

Saturday last week (Mar 10) was truly a funny day – I call it a day of errors. Obet (my brother) and I went to Megamall to buy several items. Here’s how that turned out:

1. Wifi Router. I wanted to set up wifi at home so we bought a Dlink wifi router. We found a website describing the steps and followed them religiously. After the configuration, all devices can connect to the wifi network but the router couldn’t connect to the DSL modem! And worse than that, I could not connect the DSL directly with a PC anymore. Fail!

2. Stove. My brother got so hyped with the features of an induction stove. So that’s what we got. We tested it and it worked. When we got home, I was going to try it to cook dinner – only to find that none of our pans except one BIG pot works! Obet was so pissed. Hahaha!

3. Weighing scale. Our old weighing scale is slightly inaccurate so we got a new one. I tested it and was surprised, really surprised, to see my weight! Can you imagine that I was only 30 kg in the new weighing scale?

Obet went back to Megamall to exchange the stove and weighing scale. Both works now – fortunately. I’m still trying to fix the wifi router though. Hahaha!


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