The Art of Time-Out

A time-out is a privilege we have that we often seem to ignore. In sports, it could be the crucial one minute that we lift the team’s morale and strategize the shot that will win the game. In a relationship, it is the few days or weeks that could spell breaking up or moving forward. And in life, this could be the brief respite we give ourselves to take stock of our present situation and evaluate our direction.

I am very bad with time-outs. I guess it is because I grew up always hearing how short life is so I want to keep moving forward and savoring each moment. But somehow, this mindset has made me tired, restless and at risk of losing a very important part of me – my heart. So here I am, claiming the time-out that God, in His wisdom, dropped on my lap. The good thing about it is I feel that all the forces in the universe is prodding me towards this path. It has risks and it comes with heartaches… but I am ready.

There is a certain beauty in a time-out. You shape it to your rules and stamp it as your own creation. And since it is very precious, I would not go haphazard in tackling this. Here are some guidelines in the art of time-out:

Define the Period. Having a time limit will encourage you to make better use of it. It could be as long as you want, but be intentional on the length of time. A time-out for the rest of life is no longer a time-out – it is an unfinished artwork that will leave you disappointed.

Make an Outline or a Roadmap. Plan what you want to do. Set your goals – what do you want to achieve? Set checkpoints to review and re-plan, if needed. Use this time to make short term plans and long term plans. Remember – this is the time you design the masterpiece you want to be.

Enjoy your Journey.Your time-out is a journey to self-discovery. Be open to inspiration. Celebrate milestones. And share it with people who matters.

I do not know what tomorrow will bring. But I am ready to embrace this time-out given to me – and make the masterpiece God has intended for my life.

To God be the glory! 🙂


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