101 Steps To Do in 2012

I recently bought a Navi planner. It fits me as I want 2012 for me to be a year of exploration – of the world and of myself. One feature that captured my interest is the list of 101 Things To Do in 2012. Some are really challenging, some are funny and even silly. This post will be my way to track the progress of my list.

1. ride a bike around the neighborhood

2. become better at small talk

3. accept an invitation that you normally wouldn’t – DONE

4. for one day, do not complain even once

5. sleep more

6. do something new at least once a month – IN PROGRESS

7. catch yourself saying filler words “um, like, yeah, so”

8. eliminate those words from your everyday language

9. give blood

10. get a famous person’s autograph

11. set your style and own it

12. dress in one color from head to toe

13. buy those shoes that make you feel like a million dollars

14. choose a word that defines you  – DONE

15. live that word

16. send someone a care package

17. give a gift you made from scratch

18. record a video of yourself – DONE

19. fly out of the country just to see a band in concert

20. make a “feel good” playlist – DONE

21. make a “soundtrack to my year” playlist

22. share your favorite playlist to a friend

23. give away something that means a lot to you

24. make a list of things that make you angry

25. next time you’re mad, try dancing out your anger

26. finish a TV series in one weekend

27. carry a good luck charmDONE

28. witness a miracle

29. go an antique furniture hunt

30. paint something with bright colors

31. for a month, document one aspect of you – what you wear, eat, give, receive

32. make someone a good cup of coffee

33. skip dessert for a week

34. buy a pack of birthday candles and use them with abandon

35. arrive at the airport exactly three hours before your flight

36. pack only and exactly what you need

37. strike a conversation with a fellow traveler

38. learn how to say hello in 5 different languages

39. give someone permission to do something for himself

40. for a month, write the names of 5 objects you see every day

41. go to a coffee house, not to work, but to do nothing – DONE

42. play your favorite childhood game

43. eat your favorite childhood snack

44. read your old journals and laugh at yourself  – DONE

45. do something that takes you out of your “normal”

46. see a movie that you don’t think is for you

47. read a magazine you’d never pick otherwise up

48. listen to a record from start to end

49. help someone understand something

50. consider something a success

51. forgive yourself from a past failure

52. name 5 things you’ll always like about youDONE 

53. for a month, pick someone you see everyday and be kind to him

54. for a month, keep a catalog of the choices you make – coffee or tea, hot or cold

55. be okay with being wrong about something

56. accept someone’s argument

57. stay in on Saturday night – DONE (I often do this anyway)

58. wake up early on Sunday morning – DONE 

59. for a month, be completely alone for 30 minutes every day, and spend the time wisely

60. change something you don’t like

61. for a month, keep a catalog of your excuses

62. make the next 365 days an excuse-free year

63. write a real letter in longhand – DONE, and my dear friend actually received it! I was so happy and my faith on the Philippine postal system was restored.

64. write your parents a letter

65. write to someone you want to be

66. write a note to someone or something that makes you feel thankful – DONE

67. surprise people

68. list down your top 10 comfort food

69. shrink your morning routine to 30 minutes

70. make a list of 10 things you’re scared of – DONE

71. overcome at least one thing you’ve scared of

72. help someone get started on something

73. wear your favorite things, for no special reason

74. imagine you won the lottery

75. think of how you’ll spend your imagine money

76. make a list of 10 places you dread going to

77. visit at least one of those places

78. take care of a plant

79. ask yourself: what must I do, or I shall die?

80. for one day, do only one thing for one hour

81. eat your meals as if you have to describe them to others

82. for a week, keep a list of what you eat

83. treat your family to dinner – DONE

84. in your travel, have one day without an agenda

85. teach someone something you know by heart

86. think of a person who had a great positive impact in your life

87. thank that person

88. say yes to a boat trip

89. have breakfast on a lake

90. get close to water and look beneath its surface

91. have breakfast on a mountain

92. have a long conversation with a child

93. face one impossible overwhelming challenge

94. list 5 things you’re curious about

95. get the story of those things

96. list 5 things you most fear losing

97. purchase an art piece

98. everyday for a month, get rid of something you don’t need

99. ignore the critics in your life

100. list 5 things you know you’re good at

101. look around you and think about what you have failed to notice until now


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