Odaiba (お台場) is another of Tokyo’s famous tourist attractions. The name “daiba” literally means fort since this man-made island was originally built to protect Tokyo. There was a plan in the early 1990s to make this island as “futuristic Tokyo” but the plan was halted. Over the years, this has been developed and now hosts a lot of entertainment spots.

Here are some of the places we got to explore:

  • Rainbow Bridge connecting Odaiba to the heart of Tokyo
  • Replica of Statue of Liberty
  • Decks Tokyo Beach Shopping Mall
  • Aquacity Shopping Center
  • Fuji Television Building (outside view only)
  • Oedo-Onsen-Monogatari

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Highlights of  Our Trip:

Takoyaki Museum

I never got the chance to see the Takoyaki Museum in Osaka even if I really wanted to. So it was a pleasant surprise to see that Decks Tokyo Beach Shopping Mall has its own version. From the entrance, you will immediately see the bustling excitement as staffs tout their products and you will savor the tantalizing smell of takoyaki being cooked. Of course, I was tempted and had my fill of one of my favorite Japanese food.

Takoyaki Museum – Food Street

*Takoyaki – octopus-filled dumpling seasoned with different sauces

Sony ExploraScience

This museum is located at AquaCity. It’s described as a Science Museum that explores sound, lights and entertainment. It describes how basic scientific principles are used in newest technology. One of the things that immediately lighten my mood was the Smile Ranking where you smile and your smile is compared to other people’s smiles. My ranking was #41 out of 168 participants. Not bad, huh?

Sony ExploraScience Map (image copyright goes to Sony)

Before exiting, there is a booth that allows you to take tests on your real age. It was hilarious – my face analysis result says I look like 22 and Allen looks 41. He kept protesting about the results. To be honest, I don’t think I look 22. 25, maybe? Lol!

Facial Age Result – FTW!

You can check their website here.


Oedo-Onsen-Monotagari is an Onsen (Hot Springs) Theme Park in Daiba. Allen did not want to go because he is not excited about going naked in a bath with a bunch of guys. But I convinced him that there are other activities there. He made me pay though!

When you get there, you’ll be asked to wear a yukata (Japanese summer kimono). Mine was blue green and Allen chose blue. After dressing, we went to the meeting area which leads to the main street. This section has a typical Edo-style look and offers restaurants, souvenir shops and old-time amusements like Japanese fortune telling, blowgun darts, ninja-knife throwing. After dinner, we went to the foot bath just outside the building. It was quite freezing but the feeling of soaking your feet in the hot water was amazing. We spent quite some time there then went back inside to walk around the main street.

Allen enjoyed himself very much that he was asking me when we could come back! 🙂 But next time, I’ll make sure he pays. Hehehe.

For more info on what is offered in Oedo-Onsen-Monotagari, here’s the website.


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